About Us

Ziperone is an international company, that supply spare parts and accessories for household appliances. We showed ourselves as a reliable and responsible seller.

We send more than 1000 parcels to all continents every day.  Our buyers are from USA, Canada, UK, Croatia, Norway, Finland, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and other countries. 

More than 100 employees combine their efforts to provide professional customer service and the development of Ziperone. The fundamental principles of our business are honesty, decency, respect and justice.

As a conscientious supplier, we take the responsibility:

  • to help in choosing the right parts;
  • to supply quality parts and accessories for household appliances;
  • to take the wrong product back, and return the money for it.

Ziperone provides spares even to the most distant corners of the Earth.

Parts are often searched for from category coffee maker dispenser microswitch or with part number DC62-10303A or spare parts for model SV14